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A true celebration of Summer, Rosie’s latest collection is inspired by the beauty of a perfect sunny day.

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Rosie Connolly-Quinn wearing Lavish Alice


So, how did the worlds of Rosie Connolly Quinn and Lavish Alice collide? We share a clear affinity – the celebration of women, and the appreciation of craftsmanship. We both love to create special and unique pieces that will be treasured forever.

What have you enjoyed most about lockdown? Definitely being at home with the kids a lot more is amazing, and time we will never get again so I have been trying to soak it all up. Also loving having time to pamper my skin seen as how we’re wearing less makeup! I love a pamper night during lockdown.

What post lockdown occasions do you have coming up this year? I have so many nights out to coming up to make up for missed birthdays and celebrations with family and friends. We also are hoping to get away for some sun before the year is out.

Do you think it’s going to be a glam summer post lockdown? Oh 100%. As much as I love loungewear. I am living for being able to get glammed up, put on a killer Lavish outfit and get my heels on again! I miss those nights so much!

What was the highlight of your last collection? I think the biggest high for me was seeing the collection on so many of my followers and having them tag me in them, it was a lovely feeling!

How has your style evolved from your last collection? I think my style is quite similar in that I am either in loungewear and trainers or full glam, theres rarely an in between for me. I still love my muted tones but I definitely don’t shy away from colour here and there too.

Talk us through your inspiration for the summer collection... I think summer is all about feeling fresh and bright. New colours and of course floral are key, and when it comes to this collection its all about the shapes and fit of the pieces!

What’s your idea of a perfect date? My perfect date night always starts with a glass of bubbles while I get ready! I like to plan my makeup around my outfit so I think the beautiful floral mini is perfect for a flirty date night. Its fun and sexy while still comfortable too! A nice meal followed by cocktails at our fave bar is something I can’t wait to do again soon!

How do you feel when you wear the collection? Glam, sexy, confident and powerful.


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